Subject: Aeromedical Issues and FFDO's

Please be reminded......
In our dealings with pilots involved with alcohol, drugs aeromedical certification and, legal issues ones' FFDO status is usually suspended. Specific action is required of he pilot/FFDO involved. Below here is a list of reportable items to the 24/7/365 administrative section at TSOC. The FFDO involved will have the number to call.

Reports & Statements
The following events (partial list) require TSOC notifications as soon as possible
Arrests or court actions
Use of alcohol and/or drugs offenses or allegations
Failure to maintain valid FAA Class I or Class II Medical Certificate

A question and reminder to the pilot involved is all that is initially required. If there is any doubt of the individual's compliance with this FEDERAL directive, please notify the Aeromedical Committee chairman.

FO Guy Gribble
APA National Aeromedical Committee